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Project Summary

The Writer's Forge project exists to create permanently free software tools for writers of fiction, non-fiction, and other literary forms. The project's first goal is to produce a full-featured screenwriting application. Later efforts will add support for short stories, novels, and reference manuals. Group online collaboration will follow soon after.


per - Thoroughly; completely; intensely

ember - A spark; a glowing fragment of a fire

perember - An intensely glowing spark

PerEmber is a writing tool designed to nurture the creative spark by making the authoring process smooth and effortless. The first phase of development will focus on creating a set of custom editors for screenwriting and fiction prose writing.

Eventually, PerEmber will handle all aspects of plotting and development, including character design, revision management, and plot building. PerEmber will integrate with online collaboration servers, making it easy to coordinate efforts with other authors, and to selectively release documents to the community for workshopping and review.

PerEmber is an open-source (permanently free) software application released under the LGPL license. Initial versions will be written in Objective-C for the Mac OS X platform; later versions will be ported to the Eclipse Rich Client Platform for full cross-platform support (Windows and UNIX). This is the flagship application of The Writer's Forge project.

Status: PerEmber is still in the early planning and design stages. Initial development has begun on the Mac OS X version.


Core persistence framework and data model for expressing all writersforge documents. Includes an abstract data model, XML file formats for data exchange, and suggested RDMBS table definitions.

Status: Proverb is still in the early planning and design stages.

Bellows and Catalan

The Bellows and Catalan libraries have moved to The Umber Tools Project. Please check there for updates.

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